224 Crestview: RND Construction and Urban Quarry Team Up on a Masterpiece

When RND Construction President, Roy Nandram, wanted to do something that had never been done before in Ottawa, he teamed up with the best of the best to help achieve that goal.

Roy and his team designed and built a home with the highest energy-efficiency ratings in the city, but this home was actually built as a show home (no owner…yet). This meant that RND took on the risk, the design, the construction, and the marketing of the home. Without a client, RND had to find a balance between the familiar and the innovative which meant designing for the likes and dislikes of the masses while introducing green features that would attract the curiosity of potential buyers. Sustainability with style.

The future homeowner of Alta Vista’s 224 Crestview will certainly appreciate first and foremost, the beauty of the kitchen design. Soft, neutral colours used throughout the home led RND’s Designer, Caitlyn Blaney, to Cambria Brittanicca from the Marble Collection/Luxury Series for the kitchen countertops.

The almost 10-foot kitchen island demanded a waterfall on both sides – but to keep the island to code, the island required outlets. RND built the outlets into the top of the island, avoiding any disruption to the design flow of the quartz. These pop up outlets are ESA approved, and a really great design feature. Instead of plugging in your small appliance in an outlet below the countertop where the cord always gets tangled, it is safely located on top of the countertop. Now when you walk into the kitchen, the eye is drawn to the beautifully matched veining of the Brittanicca rather than it being interrupted by an outlet.

We might be a tad biased here, but we must say, the island is truly the WOW factor of this home! The vein design is inspired by the natural landscape, much like rivers flowing with little villages and homes along their banks, under a soft grey sky. The Cambria finish is polished and although you might think it is sealed, it is not, the lustrous quartz is polished to absolute perfection.

Anyone who owns a piece of Cambria in their home knows that each slab is a piece of art. Caitlyn states, “My suggestion to anyone buying quartz, like Brittanicca from Urban Quarry, is to let their product be the focal point.” Cambria quartz is a premium product and offers benefits like no other quartz product on the market. The design aesthetic is grand and authentically natural, mostly because Cambria is comprised of 93% quartz and fabricated with Breton technology to have depth and movement throughout. Because Cambria only uses the whitest and clearest of quartz in its production, each slab has outstanding clarity. It is also 100% non-porous which means it’s food safe, and both stain and scratch resistant. A big selling feature here is the easy maintenance: simply wipe clean with warm water and clean cloth.

Urban Quarry’s commitment to quality and sustainable products is completely aligned with RND’s objectives as our promise of quality product and after sale service extends to the homeowner. The homeowner will gain peace of mind with their Cambria counters as they receive a full lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Congratulations to Roy, Caitlyn and the RND Construction team on this beautiful “green” home. The phrase “you’ve thought of everything” certainly came to mind we walked through the finished space. After a recent open house, many visitors were curious about the countertops – complimenting the seams and vein matching, or the seamless integration of the countertop outlets. This home was so fortunate to have many of Ottawa’s top suppliers helping it come together so beautifully. We couldn’t be prouder of the finished product and hope to continue this partnership with RND Construction well into the future.