Doing Our Part for the Environment Comes Naturally

It only seems fitting (or should we say, natural) that Urban Quarry would care about the environment. We are in the business of natural stone (quartz, marble and granite) and we want to do our part to ensure our planet thrives – today and in the future.

As well, many of our clients care deeply about the health of planet Earth and this matters a lot to us. With this, there are a number of things we do at Urban Quarry to minimize our impact on the natural world around us. They include:

  • Water conservation by ensuring that 99% of the water in our fabrication plant is recycled
  • Waste reduction achieved by maximized use of material slabs by using our state-of-the-art water jet cutting equipment
  • Organized remnant programs for smaller projects such as sills, vanity tops and wall caps
  • Digital templating using laser technology eliminates need for wood and plastic on-site templating
  • Carrying eco-friendly products such as Cambria Quartz Surfaces, which is Green Guard-Certified for indoor air quality. Cambria also has the smallest carbon footprint of any other imported Quartz product and is produced in nearby Quebec
  • Re-tooling and re-using our diamond tooling equipment
  • Using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper for collateral and sales material

We are always trying to find additional ways to be sustainable. As an example, we have plans to introduce online ordering through our web portal, as a way to reduce paper use.

There are ways that our clients can be green with their surfaces too. Re-using old countertops that remain in good condition is one idea. Instead of putting it in landfill, perhaps it could be repurposed at your cottage, or donated to a local not-for-profit. Using environmental surface cleaners, like Cambria Quartz Surfaces is another way our clients do their part to minimize their impact on the earth.

Is there something environmentally-minded that you would like to see us consider implementing in our business? Drop us a line.