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Countertop Installation Guide

Bring the quarry home in seven simple steps.

From ensuring that your order is in order to keeping your countertops looking beautiful, let Urban Quarry walk you through the process of ordering and installing your new countertops.

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 Ensure your order is in order.

We want to make sure you – and your countertops – are in expert hands. That’s why Urban Quarry products are available only through reputable kitchen and bathroom dealers, builders, contractors, and designers.
When you place your order, the professional you’re working with will ensure you include all the necessary information, but here’s a quick checklist:

Your details

  • Installation address
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Tentative date for site measurement (templating)
  • Tentative date for installation

Project details

  • Stone colour name
  • Edge profile
  • Backsplash height
  • Sinks, faucets, stove/cooktop specs - requirements
 Get to know your slab.

Your new countertop starts out as a slab of natural stone – which is when you should first inspect it. Once we process your order, we’ll contact you to set up an appointment to view your slab(s). This gives you a chance to see all the colours, veining, patterns and characteristics of your stone firsthand. It also gives us a chance to address any concerns you may have – before you approve the slab.

   Make sure you measure up.

Before we install your countertops – in fact, before we even build them – we need to have a precise template to follow. That’s what makes the site measurement (or templating) process so important. Before our technicians arrive to measure your site, you will need to ensure all cabinets are installed in their final positions. We will also need access to all the following components:

  • Cabinet doors
  • Cabinet hardware
  • End panels (gables)
  • Sinks (with manufacturer-supplied templates) and plumbing fixtures
  • Cook tops
  • Refrigerators (in some cases)
  • Electrical outlets (roughed in)

If you have ordered a full-height backsplash, you will also need to have your upper cabinets installed, along with any exhaust vents. If you have existing countertops, make sure they’re completely clean and cleared of all appliances.It is very important that you – or a designated decision-maker over the age of 18 years old – are present during templating to decide on details like seam location, corner radius, overhangs and any other special features.

Trust us with your seams.

We consult with you on seam location, and will use color-coordinated epoxy to blend seams with your countertop, but if it’s necessary to adjust the placement of seams – for example, for strength or integrity – we will. Trust us. We know what we’re doing.

   Save the date.

Our typical lead-time is 10 to 15 working days from the date of templating, assuming we’ve been able to complete templating fully, with access to all the components listed above ei. Material, edge profile, appliances specs, etc... We take pride in our work, and we want you to take pride in your countertops, so we’ll only confirm an installation date once we know we have the exact right template to follow. 

If you have any questions or concern, or if there’s any delay in preparing your site, please let us know. We want to ensure an installation date that works for us – and you.

  You haul (or we do). 

If you are removing and hauling away existing countertops, we recommend you complete the work at least 48 hours before your installation date. That gives you time to address any problems, to make sure the cabinets are level, to clean the site and empty it of obstacles and appliances.

Alternately, we can remove and haul away your current counters, for a fee. Just indicate that you’d like us to take care of this when you place your order.

   Installation requires preparation.

Slabs of natural stone are heavy! Maybe that goes without saying, but it does mean that we have some specific requirements for the day of installation.You will need to have a clear path (free from snow and ice, if it’s winter) from your driveway to your kitchen so that our installation crew can navigate into and through your home easily – and safely. You should also make sure that installation date does not conflict with work being done by any other trades.

It’s also very important that you – or someone you designate, over the age of 18 years old – are present to approve the installation (installation completion report must be signed). We want to make sure you’re happy before we leave. 

   Keep your countertops looking tip-top.

Before they’re part of your home, we seal all our natural stone countertops with an impregnator to help them resist stains. Once they’re in your home, we can provide a professional stone-cleaning product to help with daily maintenance. 

To learn more about care and maintenance of your countertops click here.(Our Cambria Quartz Surfaces do not require a sealer. You can learn about care and maintenance of quartz on Cambria's website.

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